Management Team Buyouts
If you are an employee of a company that has a good management team or some key employees, you can own this business. It is much easier than one can ever think. We help put the deal together, structure the deal and arrange for financing. A company that is healthy, with little or no debt, has key employees that can be considered as a management team who is willing to own it, a good performance history, and an owner who is willing to sell, can be purchased by the employees as a management buyout. We are not interested and do not engage or get involved in hostile takeovers.

Business Sellers Brokerage
We work with business owners who are serious about selling their business. We don’t make outlandish claims about what your business is worth or what it will sell for. We are not magicians. We can’t sell your business if you’re not serious about selling or aren’t willing to accept fair price or won’t take us into your confidence as your professional business broker. Read more ...

Business Buyers Brokerage
Buying a business is a major decision. It will not only affect you financially, but it is also, and, perhaps more importantly, a lifestyle decision. How you live your life is shaped and influenced by what you do for a living. If you have decided that now may be an opportune time to consider going into business for yourself, working with a business broker can provide you with the professional assistance necessary for a smooth and successful transaction. Read more ...

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